Yoga series late fall 2022 with Pia and Ann.

📍Strandgatan 17 Skellefteå

Choose from physically challenging, soft but strengthening or really restful yoga series of 7 meetings in small groups.

New groups start during week 45 (from nov. 7) and run until Christmas. Booking open 17-30 October.

Classes are taught in Swedish. You are welcome to join even if you haven’t learned the language yet!

Small Groups

With us, there are never more than 10 people per class in the studio. The teacher sees you and knows your background. It's safe.

Cozy Environment

When we practice yoga, it's important that the environment supports us. With us, the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming.

Great community

Before class, we invite you to have a cup of tea and talk about life with the other people in your group. This builds a great community.

Calm and safe

We've both heard that we are calm and clear as teachers. Variations of the poses are available and you are welcome just as you are!

Fall series in our studio at Strandgatan in Skellefteå

✅ Our courses are for you if you want to

  • Practice yoga in a small group, where the teacher sees you and knows your history.
  • Commit to a fixed day and time each week during the course. You may already know that you have a hard time getting yourself to drop-in yoga regularly.
  • Make progress and learn along the way.
  • Find a community where you meet the same people every week. A safe place to land.

⛔️ However, our studio is not for you if you want to

  • Hide in a large group with many people.
  • Drop in when you feel like it or go to different sessions every week.

New series starts from November 7th and continues until christmas. Book until October 30!

Booking closes at October 30. After that we will take a week to plan the sessions with you in mind. All series are 7 classes and end right before christmas. No drop ins and booking is binding. Are series often fill up so don’t wait too long to book your spot!

Virya yoga lvl 1. Start 7/11

Mondays 18.30-19.30 with Ann. Continue exploring level 1 after the beginner course. Strength, mobility and balance in virya 1's lovely flows (still a favorite of mine!). Virya 1 for those who are not completely new.

FULLY BOOKED. Anns drömyoga start 7/11

Mondays 19.45-21.00. Yoga at a continuation level where you get to strengthen the body, increase mobility and take part in philosophical themes. Ann guides based on what inspires right now and gives you a physical class.

FULLY BOOKED Yoga på dagtid start 8/11

Tuesday 10.10-11.15. Yoga at a slower pace where you get to strengthen the body in a gentle way. Move your joints, improve balance and find strength in your legs. We sometimes use a chair or a wall if necessary.

FULLY BOOKED! Nybörjarkurs start 9/11

Wednesdays 17.30-18.30 with Ann. Level 1 builds strength, mobility and balance. You learn the basics and prepare your body for more challenging flows. For those of you who are complete or semi-beginners.

FULLY BOOKED Anns drömyoga start 9/11

Wednesdays 19.00-20.15. Yoga at an advanced level where you can strengthen the body, increase mobility and take part in philosophical themes. Ann guides based on what inspires right now and gives you a physical session.

Pausyoga rygg Start 10/11

Thursday 12.10-12.55 with Pia. This is a workout in motion with extra focus on softening the back. A chance to pause the day, move the body and then land in stillness.

Pias viryamix start 10/11

Thursday 17.30-18.30 with Pia. During the latter part of autumn, I take in more quiet moments, such as pranayama, meditation and longer savasana. We still get to flow, but with a slightly different focus.

Djup vila start 10/11

Thursday 18.45-20.15. Beautiful restorative rest positions where you support the body with pillows and blankets. Sometimes we start with some movements that soften the body, sometimes we land directly in stillness.

Said about our yoga classes

"Simple" yoga, in a positive sense! Suitable exercises that can be simplified for those who want, the leader Pia is easy-going and down-to-earth! Regular Yoga makes it easier for me to be present in the moment, even between sessions!
An opportunity to learn the basics of virya yoga in a nice environment and with a fantastic teacher! I was a beginner but I have felt in safe hands the whole time and where everyone can start from their own conditions. I will definitely continue! A way to strengthen both body and mind!

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If you know you want to yoga with us, it's time to book now!

Our courses are often full and we have chosen to keep the number of participants down for a more personal touch. Hope to see you and that you get a place on the course you want! /Pia and Ann

PS Email pia@zoloz.se if you have questions about which course suits you best or want to book an hour of guidance with me.

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